Monday, October 20, 2008

Things to do while broke

There are a couple things you can do when your body is all busted up. Like me, you could choose to blog about music, or like yourselves (well, broken or not) you could listen to RJD2. I suppose before we get to the music, I should explain myself. I'll make a long story short; brand new bike, just moved all the gear into a new jam space, sprained the ankle playing rugby yesterday, very pissed off about said combination, currently sitting at home following RICE.

But I digress. RJD2 (Ramble John "RJ" Krohn) is a Philly based DJ. He's been spinning since the mid-nineties and is the father behind some of your favorite beats, without you even knowing it. His first two albums (Dead Ringer, Since Last We Spoke) were effectively instrumental hip hop albums. His third, The Third Hand, was a massive departure from his original work, involving vast instrumentation and vocals on nearly every track.

His tracks are infectiosly catchy, and have provided him an opportunity to work with some big names in the hip hop world. My personal favorite is a track called Ghostwriter. However, in the spirit of my injury, I'm going to show a video which inspires me towards a quick and full recovery (aren't I witty?).

-Back to the ice... ice baby