Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 5: Cut

So, the schedule has been passed onto me. I go in for another x-ray this morning and then in the afternoon, I'm wheeled into the theater and I go under for surgery. I sent an email to my buddy Jeff in Edinburgh who tore a tendon in his ankle this summer and had to have surgery. He said it was a little creepy being wheeled into the theater, but then the drugs kick in, so everything's cool. The only real drawback is that I'm not supposed to eat anything all day, and for those of you who know me at all, you know this means I'll be getting hangry.

This week marks a lot of firsts for me. I'd never broken a bone. I'd never had surgery. I'd never spent a night in a hospital (that I could remember... obviously I was born in one, unless things out in rural Manitoba used to be even worse than I was led to believe). I'd never had to pee in a bottle. All in all, this was a very educational week.

And we should be proud that I didn't even have to snap and lose it out of sheer boredom. Alternatively, as Iain suggested, I could have just gone into seizures to liven things up now and then. If we look at the leader board of who loves me most:

Iain - 3
Mishoo - 2
Candice - 1
Laura - 1
Rhi - 1
Everyone else - Obviously does not love me

There's still around a day left where you could get some visits in, during what I like to call the 'lightning round'. As for those of you in North America, shame on you. It's only an ocean.

Now then, keeping with my pathetic play on words, my groovy beats to check out today come from San Francisco's Honeycut. They're an electro-organic soul/funk band who was formed in 2003. I've talked about them briefly before and mentioned that while so much modern indie music ends up being pretentious bullshit, when you bring a group of seriously talented musicians together, you can get amazing results. Honeycut embodies this ideal. They play stuff that's out there, but still manage to make it catchy, technical, and enjoyable to listen to. In my opinion this is one of the most difficult things to do in music; progress the sound while still making it accessible.

In 2006 they released the album The Day I Turned to Glass. It was the title track from this album which was used on CBC's short lived (but fucking genius) series J-Pod, created by Douglas Coupland (one of my favorite authors). I went on one of my obsessive missions to find the song and after hours (read: seconds) of scouring the interweebs, stumbled across Honeycut. I proceeded to gain access to as much media as was possible on the band, and loved every bit of it.

The video shown below is one of a plethora I could have drawn from. As such, I highly encourage you to hunt around for more, and also take a listen to the tracks on their myspace. It's catchy, it's unique, it's new, and I like it.

-My liquid soul and my windowless eyes know exactly what you'll say