Friday, October 10, 2008

I want to do nasty things to Nikka Costa

What?!?? Have you SEEN this woman?

Alright, me getting excited aside, I had an urge to pull an old gem of mine out of the tickle-trunk yesterday. This ended up coinciding almost perfectly with the fact that Ms. Nikka Costa has a new album being released next week titled, Pebble to a Pearl.

Nikka was one of those strange child music stars who had some one-hit-wonder when she was around 10 years old and then disappeared from the scene completely. She came back in the late 90's as a god damned soul goddess. Since her first album, Everybody Got their Something, back in 2001, she has been reviving soul music into modern times and giving me something to move my ass to. Far ahead of the likes of Amy Winehouse, Nikka was also able to avoid the severe drug problems and drama-queen behavior.

How she never went huge, I'll never know. Her music is catchy and danceable, her lyrics are witty and soulful, she's worked her ass off in the music industry, and I'd give up my left arm to spend a night with her. She's obviously turned some heads as she had Lenny Kravitz play bass on her last album and has recieved kudos from Aretha Franklin.

But what really matters is that it's Friday, it's the weekend, and I'm ready to move.

-It's never been too hard to follow; never too tough to swallow