Monday, October 27, 2008

Holy fuck, this is awesome

So I think God decided to give me a consolation prize for spending the entirety of last week in the hospital. I can't think of any other justifiable reason why I might stumble across such an awesome band on a Sunday night; it is after all, the lord's day.

All the way from Israel, I give you Monotonix. They're a power trio (though 'Power' doesn't quite cut it) featuring vocals, drums and guitar. These guys kinda sound like Sabbath on speed, however their true power does not come from their recordings, but from their live show.

Formed in 2005, they eventually had to leave their home of Tel Aviv after being banned from almost every venue in town. In mid 2006, they started touring and didn't really stop. Eventually, they slowed down long enough to record their 2008 EP, Body Language.

Their live shows are characterized by lighting things on fire, moving their show around the venue (often into the pit), stealing people's drink, spitting back said drinks on the crowd, and general fucking insanity. I want you to do two things for me, go to their myspace and listen to the song Summers and Autumns and watch the video below in complete awe.

As a side note, I'm headed back to work today. Can I just say that morning prep is really bloody difficult as a cripple? Seriously, I don't know how the lifers do it.

-I can't be dead, I've never even lived