Friday, October 31, 2008

I want to suck your rock!!

Happy Halloween bitches and bitchettes. Mr. Saunderson, the man ever with an ace up his sleeve, has yet another clever pundit for you on this hallowed of mornings (soon to be eve?). I'm running a touch late, so I'll make this quick.

You remember Toronto's The Illuminati? If not, it's no big deal; I already didn't think much of you. This might refresh your memory (and make you rock out!) Well they broke up about a year ago. This was a sad day. The boys new how to rock, and they used that knowledge.

Yet up from the grave of Illuminati rose Drunkula; an absolute terror on stage fueled by alcohol and white drugs. Vibing along with bands like The Bronx, Drunkula quickly pushed out fast moving, hard hitting rock and roll. They called in the help of Sir Ian Blurton (the man with the midas touch) and layed down their first record titled, All New Moves.

Now they sit silently in the darkness, with guitars, and wait for their next victim.

-I think you have me mistaken for something else