Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 7: Freedom? Yeah right.

So, I'm officially out of the hospital. I was released yesterday around 4pm, caught a cab home and then some gracious friends came over for dinner and to hang out for a bit. Reflections on the week, I'd rather not do since I'm still a bit scarred by lying in that bed the whole time. At least now, I get to lie in my own bed.

In the end, they gave me a removable cast, which is kinda cool. I'm supposed to take it off during the day and do exercises to keep everything down there moving. In addition, I believe this means I can take off my cast for showers, which has the added benefit of combating 'stinky cast leg syndrome.' They sent me home with a couple types of painkillers and a couple types of laxatives, since apparently one of the painkillers can constipate you. I've always been a pretty regular guy, so I'm likely going to save the laxatives for a rainy, mischievous day (note to all of you: NEVER eat my baking).

This week was obviously a bit of an exception for the blog, since I had nothing better to do. Rest assured, next week, I'm back and work and should hopefully fall back into MWF posts of varying length and musical taste.

As a complete random aside, I received a note from my friend Taryn while in the hospital. In the duration of this email, she managed to mention a new google labs program being developed for Gmail that was too hilarious not to share. Check it out, and if you suffer from late night drunk-mailing, this might be for you.

Being that I'm out and all, I'm in a pretty damn good mood. As such, I've been listening to the kinda rock that makes you want to move around (no need to point out the irony... I got it). Shikasta is a powerful 3 piece from the T. I caught onto these guys a few years ago, around the time they released their second album, Weight of the Sun. They went back into the studio to record their third, Main Offender. Unfortunately, at the end of that session, their drummer decided to part ways with the band.

I'm not sure what's happened since then, but as you can see, their website is down, and the album, which was recorded over a year ago, has yet to come anywhere near my radar. Still, the boys rock, put on an amazing live show and seem like really nice guys (they sent me a free shirt when I bought the two cds). If you're itching, you can check out a couple tracks on myspace.

-Bend the shadow back so it casts upon its self