Friday, October 17, 2008


With an opening like that, how can I not entice you into reading the rest of this post, eh?

I'll cut to the chase, because while I know this mystery is likely what's keeping you reading, I'm becoming a little disgusted with myself. Today's obscure play on words is referring to Richard Cheese (and of course his backup band, Lounge Against the Machine).

What happens when you hold a gun to Frank Sinatra's head and force him to sing 90's pop, metal, and rap? Aside from ruining my childhood, and making me laugh so hard I pee myself, you get Mr. Cheese. The premise is simple; take famous top 40 tracks, and loungify!!

I first stumbled across this song when watching Dawn of the Dead. As the end credits roll, you hear the smooth crooning of RC&LATM playing Disturbed's, Down with the Sickness. I could drone on all day with some of the groups he's covered (NIN, Sir-Mixalot, Nirvana... the list goes on). My recommendation is go listen to it... a lot of it. Your childhood shitty music will be dug up out of the grave, and subsequently rolled around until dizzy.

He's like a Weird Al-Yankovic that doesn't suck.

-Bury me standing, I'm afraid of depths.